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Interpretation services for your meetings, trainings and conferences are supported by highly trained bilingual and multilingual interpreters. Services are available for:

  1. Consecutive Interpretation at business meetings and visits.
  2. Simultaneous Interpretation at conferences or ceremonies.
  3. Interpretation assistance during formal trainings, presentations and semi-conference environments.
  4. Remote & long distance interpretation via teleconferencing, net-meetings and telephone connections.

State of the art equipment for simultaneous interpretation and teleconferencing are available upon request.


Language Interpretation Explained

Interpretation (or language interpretation), in the translation business, refers to the act of orally translating spoken text from one language to another. Unlike translation, which is written or typed, interpretation involves oral or spoken communication.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation refers to oral translation by a linguist where the speaker and the interpreter take turns in speaking. The speaker or presenter speaks in her or his own language for few moments, say a few sentences, and then pauses for the interpreter. In this time, the interpreter translates the speaker’s words into the language understood by the audience. Then the presenter speaks again. In this way, the spoken content is translated consecutively in turns.

WordPar provides qualified consecutive interpreters for conferences, business meetings, discussions, court proceedings and depositions in most parts of the world and for a variety of language combinations. Multiple locations and multiple language combinations are serviced. In cases where distance or accessibility is a barrier, we use video conferencing, telephones and all possible communication modes to facilitate inter-lingual communication.

Interpretation services are provided for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Legal Interpretation
  • Government Proceedings
  • Finances
  • Medical Consultations or Interpretation of Reports
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Meetings and Negotiations

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation refers to the simultaneous (real-time) translation of spoken texts by an interpreter, while the presenter is speaking. This requires a highly advanced level of expertise and training, and is a very demanding and mentally draining job. Interpreters are required to listen and speak at the same time, and there is a lapse of only a few seconds between listening, understanding, translating and speaking in the target language, while still listening to the subsequent content being spoken by the presenter.

This kind of interpretation requires sophisticated acoustics and electronic equipment. It requires that the speaker and interpreter are in separate cabins so that their voices do not clash. The interpreter receives the audio signal of the speaker via an audio channel to her or his headphones. Another channel carries the interpreter’s voice via a separate circuit to listeners who will each have an individual headphone where they can listen to the interpreter’s voice. In many settings, there are multi-language interpretation and the audience have the option of plugging in to several language options.

This kind of setting is found in the United Nations and several parliaments, especially a multicultural and multilingual country like India. All speeches of several languages are simultaneously interpreted into several other world languages and all participants are able to listen to the translations in the language of their preference real time!

WordPar offers to provide simultaneous interpretation in over 80 languages and several language combinations for conferences and formal meetings in most large cities. Physical proximity plays an important role as interpreters need to present on location. WordPar can fly in interpreters to these events with sufficient advance notice and preparation time. Equipment and event management and operational support can be provided upon request.  Since simultaneous interpretation requires a high level of preparedness, clients are requested to provided adequate literature pertaining to the topic and comprehensive research and terminological preparation is undertaken by the interpreters ahead of the actual event. Every simultaneous interpretation even requires multidimensional preparation and event management, which WordPar is equipped to undertake either in full or for a part thereof.

Trainings, Presentations and Semi-Conference Environments

Either consecutive or simultaneous language interpretation is required for trainings and presentations in multilingual situations where presenters and audiences speak different languages.

WordPar can provide interpreters to assist trainings and presentations for corporate, individual and government clients in most cities of the world.

Remote & Long-Distance Interpretation

Multi lingual environments and barriers are not easily surmountable at all times and at all locations. Small requirements for language interpretation for discussions, business meetings etc. can be organised via Skype, phone and other modes of communication with the support of a large team of linguists spread across the globe, overcoming the geographical barrier.