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1. Word Par provides professional language services with the help of a world-wide network of professional translators and linguists. All language specialists are native speakers of the respective target languages.Clients will request a quote by sending a document with requirements. Word Par shall, upon receipt of such enquiry, send a quotation to the client.

2. All orders will be accepted based on an explicit confirmation and acceptance of the quotation from the client.

3. Documents / audio files will be delivered by email or FTP, as per client’s instructions and preferences.

4. An invoice will be generated and submitted to client immediately upon completion of the work.

5.Online payments are to be made in advance or immediately upon completion of the translation, voiceover or other deliverables, as may be agreed between the vendor and client and as specfied on the quotation and invoice.

6.Payments are to be made no later than 30 days after delivery of the services.

Price List for Translation Services for Specialized Fields

Sr. #





Price in INR

Price in USD

1 German English ₹ 2.50 $ 0.04
English German ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
2 Spanish English ₹ 3.50 $ 0.06
English Spanish ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
3 French English ₹ 2.50 $ 0.04
English French ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
4 Italian English ₹ 3.50 $ 0.06
English Italian ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
5 Portuguese English ₹ 3.50 $ 0.06
English Portuguese ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
6 Russian English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Russian ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
7 Dutch English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Dutch ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
8 Danish English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Danish ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
9 Korean English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Korean ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
10 Japanese English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Japanese ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10
11 Chinese English ₹ 4.00 $ 0.07
English Chinese ₹ 6.00 $ 0.10

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is negotiated and agreed upon at the start of every project. Word Par is committed to adherence to committed deadlines. We have a 99% satisfaction rate with our clients. Usual TAT is around 2,500 words per day per translator for translation and around 5,000 -7,000 words per day for voiceovers.


In the event of rejection of the submitted quality due to quality issues or delays, both parties may arrive at a mutually acceptable refund.

Refunds are usually processed within 15 days of such agreement.

Refund payments are routed via bank transfer.


Delivery of our translation services is made via internet in digital format.

Files of different formats are delivered via email, FTP, dropbox and google drive.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted before the commencement of any project. All work that has been completed or started till a cancellation request comes in will be charged at full value. Any cancellation that causes loss of work will be charged to the extent of 2 days additional work from the date of cancellation. In case of cancellation of interpretation or other onsite assignments, a notice of 48 hours before the date of the project is expected, failing which 50% of the project value will be charged.

Process for Order and Payment

1. Client sends a query to Word Par using the online enquiry form or email option with their requirement.

2. Word Par sends a quotation for the required service.

3. Client accepts the offer, price, terms, conditions and agreed TAT.

4. Word Par completes the job and delivers the same via email, FTP or other modes.

5. Word Par raises an invoices on CC Avenue and sends the payment link to the client.

6. Client uses their credit card to pay the invoice.