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Have audio files that need to be converted to text?

Our transcription team is equipped to convert your files to text with ease and speed. Audio files in any language and on any subject matter, from law to medicine, speeches or lecture recordings! Quick, reliable and accurate transcription services are provided to the best of your satisfaction.

Transcribers are available for most mainstream languages of the world and are well versed in and familiar with different dialects, accents and subject matters such as medicine, law, business and finance, science and technology, art, media, hospitality and so on.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription services help to provide verbatim records with high level of accuracy. All audio recordings of various formats are supported. All transcriptionists have adequate knowledge of legal terms and processes to provide accurate transcriptions of your information.

  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Hearings
  • Correspondence
  • Legal Records

Legal Summarisation and Abstraction

Legal documents require systematic summarisation for quick reference and action. WordPar provides summarization and abstraction services to compile, summarise and systematise client data in templates either developed by the client or by our team of legal consultants. The abstraction is undertaken by linguists with legal education and experience along with linguistic credentials. Abstraction can be done in the same language or translated directly in another language. French, Japanese or Mandarin lease documents can be summarised and abstracted in English, for example. Or vice versa!

Medical Transcription

Audio recordings with doctors’ instructions, diagnoses and dictations are converted into simple word, pages and PDF documents, turned around quickly for your records. All transcribers are trained and well versed with medical terminology.

Lectures and Discourses

Lectures and discourses for universities, educational, religious and spiritual institutions who wish to have a written record of their lectures may avail our transcription services. Audio recordings of these lectures are accurately and quickly converted to text format and turned around in the client’s desired formats.

Process and Quality Assurance

All transcripts undergo two-level checks. The first level is a thorough word-for-word check by the same or different transcriber, followed by a proofreading of the final document.