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Our Teams

Word Par lays emphasis on right selection. Every job is carefully assessed and analyzed and the linguist most suitable for the job is selected. A decisive and faultless selection is the first step in quality control.

Our translators are qualified and specialized linguists specializing in various fields of translation. Be it a simple travel document or complex training manuals or important legal documents! Word Par assigns the most suited translator and delivers accurate translations. Our translators are further specialized in particular fields. A translator handling legal translations may not translate medical or pharmaceutical documents. Similarly, a literary translation will be done by a different team.

Our interpreters are trained linguists providing simultaneous, consecutive and phone interpretation. Interpreters are qualified, trained and selected for their skills. Agility in switching from one language to another and using the appropriate register to facilitate communication is the hallmark of our team.

Voiceovers for commercials, training materials, audio books and so on are provided by voice artists with professional voices and studio equipment. Files are prepared and delivered with meticulous attention to quality and punctuality. State of the art technology is used for the recording and a varied choice of voice talents are available to the client to choose from.

Our subtitlists have a passion to perform and deliver accurately translated and timed subtitles to your audience! We have a large team of translators and technical support for accurate translation and timing.