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Interpretation services for your meetings, trainings and conferences are supported by highly trained bilingual and multilingual interpreters. Services are available for:

  1. Consecutive Interpretation at business meetings and visits.
  2. Simultaneous Interpretation at conferences or ceremonies.
  3. Interpretation assistance during formal trainings, presentations and semi-conference environments.
  4. Remote & long distance interpretation via teleconferencing, net-meetings and telephone connections.

State of the art equipment for simultaneous interpretation and teleconferencing are available upon request.

Word Par International provides specialized conference interpretation services to companies seeking multilingual assistance for conferences and training programs. Conference Interpretation service is a specialized field of interpretation requiring exceedingly high level of skill and proficiency in both languages. Conference Interpreters associated with Word Par International are qualified, professional and experienced. Specialized conference interpretation services are only provided by hiring qualified simultaneous interpreters and this service requires specialized interpretation equipment and wiring such as microphones, headsets and a network for multi-channel audio facilities.